Favorite Lists 2014 – friends list part1-


Albino Sound

Kid From Amazon: Amazon Dark Fruit
2562: The New Today
Copeland: Because I’m Worth It
K.Leimer: A Period Of Review(Reissue)
Burnt Friedman & Daniel Dodd-Ellis: Cease To Matter
Eric Copeland: Logo My Ego
Airhead: Believe Ep & October/Macondo
Livity Sound
Kiasmos: Kiasmos
The Soft Pink Truth: Why Do the Heathen Rage
Sculpture : Membrane Pop
Ninos Du Brasil: Novos Misterios
kemiallist Ystavat: Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa
Cyclobe: Sulphur-Tarot-Garden
Mumdance:Take Time
Caribou: Our Love
Shanghai Den: EP 1
Tessela: Rough 2
Swans: To Be Kind
Actress: Xoul
Ital :Endgame
Co La:Hegemony Of Delete
Shabazz Palace :Lese Majesty
Huerco S: Untitled
Anstam: Names
Gone Girl(Soundtrack): Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
Oblekt: Flatland
Different Circles: V.A
HieroGlyphic Being: The Seer Of Cosmic Visions
Grouper :Ruins
African Sciences: Circuitous
Boxed Vol.2 :V.A
Joey Anderson: After Forever
LV & Joshua Idehen : Islands
Nick Nicely: space of a Second
Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap
Martyn&Four Tet:Glassbeadgames

Best Show:
James Holden@EMAF,liquidroom
Oneohtrix Point Never@1Up:Cart Diggers Live,Womb
Chaos Conductor@ホール新世紀
Holy Disaster(short film)

Music Gear
Dave Smith Instruments: Tempest
waldorf: Rocket/streichfett

















fete musique.
田仲 昌之

2014 favorite

Bing & Ruth「Tomorrow was the golden age」
Ben Watt「Hendra」
坂本 慎太郎「あなたもロボットになれる feat. かもめ児童合唱団」

高谷 史郎「明るい部屋」展 -東京都写真美術館
Nowhereman 「Poetry And Pastry Ⅱ」- ROCKET
池田 亮司「test pattern [no6] 」- スパイラルホール
Charlotte Dumas「ANIMA」- Gallery916

thu. ki wa wa Special Live – 丹波篠山rizm (高木 正勝×青葉 市子)
flower noise vol.3 “in beautiful moment.” – VACANT (甲田 益也子×齋藤 浩太、原田 知世×森 俊二、東野 翠れん×木之下 渉)

「2つ目の窓」(監督:河瀬 直美)


2014年秋にfete musique.と言うレーベルを立ち上げ、AOKI,hayatoとharuka nakamura の1st Album 『FOLKLORE』をリリースしました。2015年も作品リリースとライヴイベント中心に活動して行きたいと思います。




ulysses conti – los griegos ..
machinone – tokyo
lana del rey – ultraviolence
laura mvula – with metropole orkest.
quasi dub development – little twist vs stiff neck
contact field orchestra
richie phoe
kaboom karavan
erik k skodvin
sven kacirek – the nutcracker sessions














Kenji Terada (Pastel Records)


María Pien – Malinalli
Lautaro Feldman – Azul Verde Limón
Anjou / Anjou
hofli – 十二ヶ月のフラジャイル
Stilllife – 夜のカタログ
Mark Brennan – Voices Of The Gulf Islands
Grouper – Ruins
Vashti Bunyan – Heartleap
Bing & Ruth「Tomorrow Was the Golden Age」
Laura Jean – Laura Jean
satomimagae – koko
Guillermo Rizzotto – Vindu
Quique Sinesi – 7 sueños / Familia
Ulises Conti – Los Griegos creían que las estrellas eran pequeños
agujeros por donde los dioses escuchaban a los hombres
西森千明 – かけがえのない
惑星のかぞえかた – 朝を待つ
Lutine – White Flowers
Aaron Martin – Comet’s Coma
Harnes Kretzer – Petrichor
Federico Durand – El estanque esmeralda



Kohei Matsuda(BO NINGEN)

In 2014, I was everywhere, from this western island to southern continent to the deep well of my own mind.
But also it was pretty fertile. Made three records ( one of which is yet to come out ) which varies from newest form of psychedelic music (BO NINGEN’s ‘III’) to beautiful soundtrack piece (Holy Disaster soundtrack).

I’m terrible at making list. My memory is always in flux. Maybe because I’m obsessed with forgery of history. Memory flows and keeps reconstruct itself.
But yes, here are a brief list of things from 2014.

Grimm Grimm – ‘Kazega Fuitara Sayonara’/’Tell The Truth’
Xylouris White – ‘Goats’
Decoy with Joe McPhee  – ‘Spontaneous Combustion’
East India Youth – ‘Total Strife Forever’

Fat White Family at SXSW
The EX at Primavera Sound
Slint at Primavera Sound
Krautrock Karaoke
N.E.W (Steve Noble, John Edwards, Alex Ward) at Cafe Oto
Radian at Cafe Oto

Guitarists ———————————
Dylan Carlson
Neil Young

Places —————————————-
Redwood – California
Glasslands – Brooklyn
Abney Park Cemetery – Stoke Newington

1/13 BO NINGEN supporting alt-J at TSUTAYA O-EAST
1/14 BO NINGEN x GEZAN Japan Tour Final at TSUTAYA O-NEST
1/23 BO NINGEN at Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
1/24 BO NINGEN at Sugar Mountain Festival, Melbourne
1/30 Kohhei Matsuda’s Disaster Trio at Just Another Space 中目黒
















Lori Scacco

11 favorites, no particular order:

Neneh Cherry – Blank Project
The Trial of Anne Opie Wehrer and Unknown Accomplices for Crimes Against Humanity – Robert Ashley & Alex Waterman – Whitney Biennial, NYC
Borough President – poem by Ann Stephenson
Young Fathers – Get Up
10th anniversary reissue of my solo record “Circles” on Plancha / Art Union
Patten – Estoile Naiant
Helado Negro – Double Youth
Video by Martin & Martin for Storms’ “Colores (Para Lole Pt. 2)”
Spain! With the people that I love.
Having A Coke With You – poem by Frank O’Hara
Video by Kane Grose for my song “A Quiet Light”
















Monique Recknagel (Sonic Pieces)

3×3 + 2×2 + 1×1 = 2014

TOP3 Albums
Tom Kovacevic – Universe Thin As Skin (Immune)
Andrea Belfi – Natura Morta (Miasmah)
Grouper – Ruins (Kranky)

TOP3 Concerts
Marsen Jules at Berghain, Berlin
Tatu Rönkkö & Efterklang at Vox Ton, Berlin
Nils Frahm & Stargaze at Volksbühne, Berlin

TOP3 Films
Under The Skin

TOP2 Soundtracks
Jozef Van Wissem / SQÜRL – Only Lovers Left Alive OST (ATP Recordings)
Mica Levi – Under the Skin OST (Milan)

TOP2 Record Covers
Afrikan Sciences – Circuitous (PAN)
Cummi Flu – Gulabi Gang EP (Polychrome Sounds)

TOP1 Experience
Visiting Japan 🙂


Lawrence English

Scott Walker + SunnO))) – Soused
Ben Frost – A U R O R A
Grouper – Ruins
Xiu Xiu – Angel Guts
Blank Realm – Grassed Inn
Alessandro Cortini – Sonno
Deru – 1979
Tujiko Noriko – My Ghost Comes Back
Earth – Primitive And Deadly
Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
SWANS – To Be Kind
Loscil – Sea Island
The Bug – Angels and Devils
Einstürzende Neubauten – Lament
Black Rain – Dark Pool

Amy in Ghent

Lee Noble

Emi Nurhayati “Buah Kawung”
Nippon Gagaku Kai “Gagaku – Ancient Japanese Court Music” (Everest Recordings)
Tara Jane O’Neil “Where Shine New Lights” (Kranky)
Ogon Batto “s/t (007)” (Hare Akedod)
Ekin Fil “A Moon Heart” (Bathetic, Dynasty at Ghost Town tape batch)
Alex Cobb “Marigold & Cable” (Shelter Press)
Xeno & Oaklander “Par Avion” (Ghostly International)
Sparkling Wide Pressure everything
Under The Skin (Dir. Jonathan Glazer)
Only Lovers Left Alive (Dir. Jim Jarmusch)
Inherent Vice (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
Church on York basement with Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, Voices of Where, Los Angeles
Moving to a new apartment with Amy Fortunato and our cats Ripley and Yoshi
Quitting my job and working part time
Recording in an old church in Nashville with Stephen Molyneux, Caleb Steelman, TJ Richards, Alice Buchanan, Steve Poulton
The Mothlight with Stephen Molyneux, Tann Jones, Lazy Magnet, in Asheville, NC, staying at Jon Hency’s house
Hopscotch Festival with IIII, Rene Hell, Secret Girlfriend, Raleigh, NC
Hanging with Robedoor, Felicia Atkinson, Bartolme Sanson, High Wolf, Chicaloyoh at a castle in Nantes, France on Halloween (Soy Festival)
Train-hopping with Noveller, Alexis Fleisig, and Amy Fortunato through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany
Rewire Fest, The Hague, NL
Drinking Genever and exploring the canal in Ghent, Belgium with Amy Fortunato
Mistletoe bushes living in dead trees in Europe
Rain in LA


Norio Fukuda|福田教雄(Sweet Dreams Press)

2014 年は公私ともに不運や不幸が重なっていつも以上に新作を手にする機会は多くありませんでしたが、そんな中でも自分を救ってくれたり、受け入れてくれたもの を幾つか。もちろん、トップ・オブ・ザ・リストには、ことしスウィート・ドリームス・プレスからリリースした3枚のアルバム、4枚の7インチ、1本のカセット・テープが燦然と輝いているのは言うまでもなく。

タラ・ジェイン・オニール、tanaka fanclub(a.k.a ミノル・タナカ)、POCA、ロンサム・パイロット(4月5日/鳥取 ボルゾイ・レコード)
「1週間テニスコーツ」テニスコーツ、飴屋法水、梅田哲也、高橋幾郎、ノーマン・ブレイク(6月9日/六本木 スーパーデラックス)
「二階堂和美 歌のパレード ~いつのまにやら15年~」二階堂和美(9月14日/於:新大久保 東京グローブ座)
hofli『十二ヶ月のフラジャイル』(Drop Around)
「TONOFON SOLO & SWEET DREAMS 2014」トクマルシューゴ、タラ・ジェイン・オニール、mmm、酒井己詳、西森千明、てぬぐい+mangneng、スッパマイクロパンチョップ、黒岡ま さひろ、伴瀬朝彦、仲原達彦(司会)、松井一平(展示)、ユカワアツコ(展示)、「small village -保育と表現-」展(10月26日/於:町田 しぜんの国保育園)
「お騒がせしております」デング・フィーバー、グーナム、柳家小春 vs attc(11月26日/於:青山 月見ル君想フ)
Koharu vs attc「梅は咲いたか/五木の子守唄」7”(円盤)
「ひかりのお囃子_冬のはじめ」アキツユコ、the medium necks(11月29日/水道橋 Ftarri)


Rachel Grimes

Favorites from 2014

Borgen (Danish political show watched on DVD)
Interstellar (watched in IMAX theater)
Jodorofsky’s Dune (watched on an airplane)

Susanna and Ensemble NeoN – The Forester
seeing Susanna with brother Frederic and husband Helge Sten trio live
Big Ears Festival in Knoxville
seeing Shazad Ismaily live with Marc Ribot at that festival
Richard Reed Parry – Music for Heart and Breath
Loscil – Sea Island

an imperial moth on our porch (photo below)
the Morso wood stove
bringing home a 7 foot piano
shredded carrot salad


Ryo Aoyanagi | 青柳亮  (gm projects / AKICHI RECORDS / NOO ACTIVITY)


YTAMO – sensorial ecosystem
Nobukazu Takemura – Zeitraum
Shintaro Sakamoto – Let’s Dance Raw
K. Leimer – A Period of Review
OORUTAICHI – Flower Of Life EP
Seiichi Yamamoto – Falsetto
Farben presents James DIN A4
Vashti Bunyan – Heartleap



Shunji Mori|森俊二(Gabby & Lopez/Natural Calamity)

moses sumney / mid-city island
myriad gendron / not so deep as a well
vashiti bunyan / heartleap
sohrab / between strangers
sleaford mods / austerity dogs
fela kuti / box set (curates by brian eno)
ian william craig / a turn of breath
mac demarco / salad days

for flower of romance presents flower noise vol.3 / vacant 12.6 sat 2014
keith jarrett / kioi-hall 5.9 fri 2014

okinawa recording (new band) w/daiho soga (cinema dub monks)


Tomoyoshi Date (Opitope, ILLUHA, Melodia)

Federico Durand “El Estanque Esmeralda”(2014 spekk)
Grouper “Ruins” (2014 Kranky)
Janek Schaefer “Unfolding Luxury” (Dekorder 2014)
Molly Drake “Molly Drake” (2013 Squirrel Thing)
Susanna Wallumrød “Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos”(2007 Rune Grammofon)
Susanna and magical orchestra “Melody Mountain” (2006 Rune Grammofon)
Popol vuh “Spirit of peace” (2006 Spalax)

Live : Stephan Mathieu Solo at Kinse ryokan(Kyoto)
Celer Solo at FTARRI(Tokyo)
Asuna + Minoru Sato at Midori-so (Tokyo)

Person: Stephan, Taylor, Federico, Corey, Chihei, my friends and family(Keiko, Otoha and Sorana)